JS bug in speedy_node_settings.js


I get speedy_node_settings.js:47 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: window.ethereum.isConnected is not a function when trying to connect my wallet to a node, same on any node and in different browser

Bug or am I missing something?

can you add more info?

what is in this file speedy_node_settings.js? where it is from?

this sounds like it is something that tries to run in the browser

Yes, its when i try to connect my wallet to a speedy node on https://admin.moralis.io/speedyNodes

So I’m guessing its a Moralis JS file

how do you try to connect that wallet to a speedy node?
usually, you don’t use a speedy node in front end

On this page http://sc.perfectfools.com/oqGIAO. I dont need it on front end but i need it to deploy contract on polygon

that is the print screen with current speedy node urls
I don’t understand the connection with speedy_node_settings.js, maybe you need metamask plugin enabled to add that speedy node url to metamask, in case that you try to add it to metamask with that button from that interface