Job with input params fails due to params beeing undefined

I have a job setup that is scheduled and takes a json object as an input

{“interval”: 5}

whenever I manually start that scheduled job, everything is fine and job succeeds. If the job is triggered by the schedule, the input params are undefined according to the log. Is this a bug?

Moralis.Cloud.job("UpdateEthBalances", async request => {
  const { params, headers, log, message } = request;

  let interval;

  if (params["input"].interval) {
    interval = params["input"].interval;
  } else {
    interval = 5;
  }"--------------------------------------------------------");"--------------------------------------------------------");"JOB UpdateEthBalances started");"Params " + JSON.stringify(request.params["input"]));

  const addressSyncStatus = Moralis.Object.extend("_AddressSyncStatus");
  const query = new Moralis.Query(addressSyncStatus);
  const now = new Date();
  const then = new Date(now.getTime() - interval * 60000);
  query.lessThan("updatedAt", then);

  const result = await query.find();"found " + result.length + " addresses to update");

  for (const r of result) {
    try {
      const balance = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNativeBalance({
        address: r.get("address")

      const ethBalance = await Moralis.Cloud.units({
        method: "fromWei",
        value: balance["balance"]
        "trying to update balance for " +
          r.get("address") +
          " of: " +
          ethBalance +
          " ETH"

      r.set("value", Number(ethBalance));, { useMasterKey: true });
    } catch (error) {"JOB updateEthBalances ");

The jobs marked with “M” are manually started jobs under the “scheduled jobs” tab. The one that failed is the one automatically starting based on the schedule I set.

I think that I remember of a problem with jobs and params. Can you find a work around?

only workarround would be not use params and always hardcodethe values which would make jobs not dynamic and not maintainable very good. Do you have the possibility to forward this issue to some department that is in charge of fixing this?

this is already a in list of issues that we know about

maybe you could read some parameters from a database table

yes I will probably do that, hope that gets fixed soon, I think its key to running scheduled jobs, at least for me. Ty