Job in Moralis Cloud has a wrong start date after saving and didn't start

Good day!

I have a job in Moralis Cloud that does several http requests for an address.

Moralis.Cloud.job("getBalances", (request) =>  {
    const { params, headers, log, message } = request;
    message("Getting token balances for #address");
    getBalances(request, "#address");

In Moralis Dashboard I scheduled this job yesterday and it was supposed to start earlier today at 00:00 UTC, but it was not started at all and I had to do it manually.

And as you see it on the screenshot, it is scheduled on March 25 instead of April 25, but when you edit it, it is April 25. It is a bug:

So how to run the job every day at some time and could you fix a bug?

did the job run on 26 automatically?

From there I understand that it is set to start on 25 April at 0 UTC. If the time when you set the job was greater than 0 UTC then that could explain what it didn’t run automatically on 25.

Hey there, thanks for the answer.

I created the job on April 24 for April 25, 0 UTC.

And yes, it is started on April 26, 0 UTC :slight_smile:

This is an unexpected behaviour, isn’t it?

I would have expected to also run on 25th in this case
sometimes you may need to restart/update the server after you make changes in jobs schedule

Catalin, got. Thanks!