Javascript SDK pulling cached information for User

I initialize a property on users with the following:

Moralis.Cloud.beforeSave(Moralis.User, (request) => {
  if (! {
    request.object.set('coins', 200);

And I later update this ‘coins’ property in a cloud function, which I see working in the Dashboard’s Browser. Currently my user has “60” coins…

On my frontend, I’m doing currentUser.get('coins'). This is always returning 200 on the initial page load. However, if I call a Cloud function that updates this value, calling .get('coins') on the user will then return the correct amount.

Is there any reason you could think of that I would be getting a cached version of this property? I thought I might be overriding it, but the correct value shows up in the dashboard.

you may need to do a refetch for the user data, or to use another cloud function to read that value

Thanks. I just saw in the documentation that currentUser IS cached, so I will probably do a cloud function to fetch this type of info