Issues with onRamp?

I am testing out the onramp credit card payment.

Everything seems to work but when I submit for a payment, It says the following error:

“Unexpected error happened when handling the request: The only payment method accepted for Wyre is ‘creditCard’ but an order is trying to be created with creditCard”

Anybody has clues?

If you look in browser network tab, that error message is directly from an onramp domain or from Moralis server?

The final message is coming from the response to a POST at onramp.tec/transaction/Wyre/createOrder

Just prior to that I get a “detail “event rejected due to rate limit”” from

Could it be that the API key needs to be “live-worthy” for this to work? I am using their test key.

maybe, I don’t know exactly

I will investigate this

I’m facing the same exact error… not sure what’s going on here

Was it working before? Can we see your code? Have you tried using another server?

@alex I’ve only implemented it 1 week ago w/ a Production API key but never got it working. The error happens right after completing the form to purchase and clicking “Continue”.

Also, I noticed the same issue is happening on the homepage widget on so I don’t think it has anything to do with my code but I could be wrong.

For my dapp I need users to be able to purchase MATIC, ideally using Wyre due to it’s low minimum purchase requirement.


Here’s my code:

  useEffect(() => {
    if (!Moralis?.['Plugins']?.['fiat']) return null;
    async function initPlugin() {
      let results = await
          { coin: coin, receiver: receiver },
          { disableTriggers: true }
        .then((data) => {
          var ramperURL =
            '&wallet?MATIC:' +
            address +
            '&defaultAmount=7' +
            '&defaultFiat=USD' +
            '&isAddressEditable=false' +
            '&color=6C63FF' +
  }, [Moralis.Plugins]);

and in my render I display an iframe

  allow="accelerometer; autoplay; camera; gyroscope; payment;"
    width: isMobile ? '350px' : '500px',
    minHeight: '550px',
    boxShadow: '0 0.5rem 1.2rem rgb(189 197 209 / 20%)',
    border: '1px solid #e7eaf3',
    borderRadius: '1rem',
    backgroundColor: 'white',
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exact same situation for me.

I wonder if the problem is Wyre not the other options