Issue with this code of call function of Mumbai Polygon

           ERC20_ABI = [

async function tsupply(){
x = await Moralis.Web3API.native.runContractFunction({
chain: “mumbai”,
address: “0xf8aDc852F8CaE4395d03AaBF5534051Bf4AEFAD1”,
function_name: “customTotalStaked”,
abi: ERC20_ABI,


I want to call function of my polygon mumbai smart contract but it saying uncaught promse

Hi, you can see here how to post code on forum:

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You got a wrong abi. It should be this

let ERC20_ABI = [
    constant: true,
    inputs: [],
    name: "customTotalStaked",
    outputs: [{ internalType: "uint256", name: "", type: "uint256" }],
    payable: false,
    stateMutability: "view",
    type: "function",