Issue with social login: daily request count exceeded, request rate limited

I started the project from the official Moralis example with social login following the instructions from this video . But the flow doesn’t work for me as the POST request to infura io fails for me with “daily request count exceeded, request rate limited”. Any idea how to fix it?

Are you using your own Infura ID? If so check your Infura dashboard to look at your requests.

Hello @alex, no I’m not using my own Infura, there’s just no place to set it in a code example. You can check the repo .

Can you add a print screen with that error?

Try updating the Moralis and web3auth versions, that project is using older ones.

Or rebuild with a fresh Moralis/react-moralis/web3uikit/web3auth project. - Moralis

@alex here is a screen of the error

Also I updated ALL the packages to the latest version, but that doesn’t help, the error is still there


Can you look in network tab to see what url was accessed when it gives that error?

did you place your own clientId ?
and also, you can monitor request on the web3auth dashboard

you can take a look at the project and try to see if it gives same error

Hey @cryptokid the screenshot above is a screenshot of a network TAB. The request that failed is a POST request to

Hello @0xprof, yes I placed my own client id. Could you clarify what should I look at web3Auth dashboard? Threre’s not much information on their dashboard

ok, are you setting a chainid ?
there seem to be a problem with their infura api, you can set manually config to change the rpc endpoint

the constructor takes chainConfig:

you can use this
to make the change

@0xprof, A code from this example does not use Web3Auth directly, thus I do not create this instance manually, it is all done under the hood of Moralis library. This is all I got for Authentication image.png
This is code for Moralis official example in Github -
it requires to Web3Auth package to be installed (as it uses it as a peer dependency) But doesn’t require interacting with it directly. So that’s why I’m confused where should I set the rpc endpoint and also what value should I use instead

So if it’s a problem with the RPC endpoint, you would need to change rpcTarget. You could change it to any public one or one of your Moralis speedy nodes for the chain you’re using.

By default Moralis doesn’t have this option when using web3Auth so what should work is adding it in the Web3AuthConnector.js at moralis\lib\browser\Web3Connector.

const ethChainConfig = {
      chainNamespace: 'eip155',
      chainId: verifyChainId(chainId),
      // can probably add rpcTarget manually here to test
     rpcTarget: "https://rpcurl"

Also your authentication image is broken.

@alex Sorry this was the image I wanted to show in the previous message


@alex do I understand it correctly you want me to change the code in the node_modules? Can I customize web3auth instance using Moralis? I need to customize a blockchain because the given example works with Etherium only, but my project works on Solana and there’s nothing about it in Moralis documentation

Sorry yes that file is in node_modules\moralis. Theoretically it should work (not necessarily fixing your issue but being able to change the RPC).

I see, you may have to do this anyway for Solana if that’s the case - not sure why you’re using BSC? That changes things though because Infura doesn’t seem to support Solana.

Here’s the docs for Solana in any case.

@alex yeah I see. Just to be clear I don’t have any issues using web3auth directly without Moralis. The question is how to integrate it with Moralis then?

As I mentioned above you will need to make changes to the file to change Moralis’s RPC settings for Web3Auth.

I see, how are you using Web3Auth directly in code? Fundamentally they should be using the same type of defaults for new Web3Auth.

I tried to implement the authorization with Web3Auth without Moralis with their official example (e.g. this one and it works as expected. But we wanted to use Moralis as it has other integrations and web3 solutions and we have a paid Pro plan. But from what I understand it’s impossible to fully customize web3auth flow (at least switch to Solana blockchain) using Moralis sdk and we should drop the Moralis and use web3auth alone, right?

Yes if you prefer not to edit the Moralis files e.g. add a solanaChainConfig for Solana, you can just stick to using Web3Auth directly.