Issue with Price

Hi, I just want to report an issue that I have been facing.

I am trying to get the historical prices for the DeFi Yield Protocol on avalanche and I see sudden very large jumps in the usd prices.

Please see the details below in order to replicate the issue
chain: avalanche
Contract Address: 0x961c8c0b1aad0c0b10a51fef6a867e3091bcef17

Scenario 1
Price : 3148.433828982659
Block: 8759907

Scenario 2
Price: 0.000126504839205926
Block: 8802554

The blocks are only a few hours apart

the liquidity for that token is low? it can happen for low liquidity for price to vary a lot in an hour

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Yep, this is a problem with low liquidty pools. If price accuracy is a key factor use a different api that specializes in this. Coinmarketcap has a decent one. If you want to do thesse fetches in a clouf function you can connect via moralis httpRequests.
Hope this helps mate!

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