Issue with auth metamask authentication

Hello there!
I’m using React.js with react-moralis for metamask authentication but there’s an issue here
let me explane:
the app should authenticate with metamask, once you authenticate it will take your metamask address and send a request to the server side that i built and response me the user with metamask sent

no the issue is: there is authenticate with metamask and give it tot me the right user by metamask address but metamask extension still no logged in

so how to solve this issue?

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Hi @mohammadNow

This is an expected behavior. If you have an active session and cached authentication - it will let you sign in even without metamask.

It popups you metamask because somewhere you put enableWeb3()

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If you have no active user session - it will not let you log in without active metamask

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is there something semmler to enableWeb3()

What do you mean? Where?

ok, forget that.
i’ve another question plz, i’m using logout from useMoralis hook
so when i call logout “isAuthentecated” still true why?

Could you share your code?



logout is an async function

so what i have to do?

this is from moralis docs