Issue using sync events for multiple contracts with same interface

Hey there,

So I’ve got a setup where I’ve got a contract factory which deploys instances of contract B. All instances of contract B have the same interface / abi and I would like to be able to sync events from every instance of contract B to the same table in Moralis.

I’m trying to do this using“watchContractEvent”) Moralis cloud code at the moment.

It seems to work fine but when I go to sync my second contract I get the error tableName should be unique

Hoping someone can help me with a work around for this, definitely seems like something achievable???


I ended up adding a feature request -

If anyone has a workaround for this which doesn’t result in the creation of a table for every contract, I’d love to hear it,


You have to use coreservices_ prefix for the cloud function and to remove the address that you want to sync and it will sync that event for any contract.

Thanks I’ll check this out

So do you mean I run the function like so:“coreservices_watchContractEvent”, options, { useMasterKey: true });

Can’t seem to get it to work, I’ve removed the current sync and deleted the related table and tried re-running the sync without a contract address in the options. Can you please confirm how / where I use the coreservices_ prefix?

it seem ok, what happens?

@cryptokid getting the error:

Error: Invalid function: “coreservices_watchContractEvent”

ok, it is called coreservices_addEventSync

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Perfect! Thanks heaps for that.

Is there any documentation or any way to find out more about the core services?

there isn’t that documentation about coreservices, that is an internal component to the server

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Heys bro having the same problem… Did you find any solutions

Try the solution described above to see if it works for you

But in Cloud function only 100 data is returned , i have data of 1M

That seems like a different question. You can find the answer in other similar forum posts or create a separate forum thread.