Issue using moralis NFT api

i am using this api getNFTsForContract but currently the response i am getting is 49 records balance via moralis api
But when i checked on the blockchain explorer, it shows me 50 records balance

i am checking with these details
walletAddress: 0xff91bbf12ee5d8586a434b7e94260fdcdf4dbbc7
collectionAddress: 0xb14512509d4F02De792B6F520c653a193F68D6B3
chain:BSC testnet

now it returns 50, it seems like a caching issue

I have similar issue currently. getNFTsForContract() function returns only old data, new data are not returned.

Checking contract 0xd6f8a35F202E2575aCDf929F0069c2E8b3e65ada on BSC and for wallet 0x9B279C012D07880EF58517307b076AaC30d305Cd is returning 5x items, but that address has 7x NFT.
Server restart didn’t help

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I get only 6 now, what is the one that is missing?

Thanks @cryptokid , now fresh data are working, users confirm it.
What did you do? So I can do the same if the problem appears again.

Yes, it suppose to be 6x visible, not 7x*

it is not something that you could do, I cleared the cache in this particular case

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