ISSUE: getWalletHistory endpoint doesn't allow the inclusion of internal transactions


I’m working on implementing Moralis’ endpoints to fetch any Ethereum wallet’s transactions. When testing the getWalletHistory endpoint, I’ve noticed I can’t include the internal transactions, or if I do, I can’t test an address that has any internal transaction, otherwise I’ll run into an error: MoralisError [Moralis SDK Core Error]: [C0500] Value is null.

This is a small scale code I’m using to test the endpoint:

async function fetch() {
    try {
        await Moralis.start({
            apiKey: apiKey

        const response = await Moralis.EvmApi.wallets.getWalletHistory({
            chain: "0x1",
            order: "DESC",
            includeInternalTransactions: true,
            address: "0x287B4470439Bb96BccBfC97e956bdF9676b79674",
            nftMetadata: false,

    } catch (e) {

If I change the internal transfers to false, the endpoint will return the transactions correctly.
The online API tester doesn’t seem to run into this issue. Is it a problem in my end?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @pedropereira

Thanks for the report. It seems like a bug in our SDK. I have reported the issue to the devs.:pray:

Meanwhile if possible you can try using the API endpoint directly. API should return the response as expected.

Hello @johnversus

Thank you for the quick response, that did indeed work for most of my EVM testing! However, the Cronos, Gnosis and Palm chains still don’t accept internal transactions, even while using the endpoint. To assure it wasn’t just a problem on my side, I tested the API endpoint in your api reference website, to the same results.
Reminder, the API will return the results as expected if I have include internal transactions set to false, and will only fail when it’s true.

Thank you :raised_hands:

We currently dont support the internal transactions on Cronos, Gnosis, and Palm chains. That should be the reason for the error response. Let me check with the team if we have plan to support them.