Is this possible? Create multi-chain wallet and

Hey everyone,
Is it possible to create a multi-chain wallet and then listen to the wallet to detect deposits of different crypto using the Moralis platform? If you can point me in the right direction with links it would be greatly appreciated.


You can use the ethers.js library (that comes with the Moralis SDK) to generate a private key for a wallet address which will work on any EVM chain. And then you can use Moralis to sync/listen to this wallet address so transaction data is added to your server - you can see here what data will be synced.

Thanks for your reply,
How would I use ethers.js with Moralis now that they discontinued their speedy nodes? Their Api documentation only mentions Web3.js (that I can find) and it doesn’t seem to allow for creation of wallets.


You can use another RPC URL from another node provider (like Chainstack) when setting up the provider with ethers.js.