Is there support for creating custodial wallets in Moralis?


Is there any support for creating custodial wallets using Moralis? What is the best place to look for more help on custodial wallets and how to build them programmatically?

What is a custodial wallet?

These are the ones managed by third party unlike meta mask or any personal wallet. Many people/ organisations do not want to go through the hassle of storing their own credentials and pay gas fee for transactions, therefore they opt in for the services of these third parties who manage their wallets. I guess this is outside what Moralis offers as I couldnt find anything in the docs either?

Magic link does something like that?

@farhan.qureshi Asking others to manage creds/keys is the least to not recommended at all in crypto space, it is mostly been done by centralised crypto exchanges like binance etc.
Regarding paying gas fees again there are very few companies that can do that, only the onces that can afford