Is there any way to port all sync events to a new server?

Whenever there is a change in some contract code or events or a new deployment. I have to manually go and set up events on new server. Is there a way this process can be automated?

you can connect directly to mongo db and copy the tables from one server to the other

Hello Thank,

This is my official account and now all three servers are in pending state.
I cannot even delete them, Please let me know how to resolve this issue.

I’m trying to see what I can do, it looks like all of them are ganache instances

Yes Yes!
They are all ganache instances

mongodump --host ip1 --port 56728 --db parse --archive | mongorestore --host ip2 --port 57628 --db parse --archive

Doesnt work

One observation, Every-time I modify the whitelisted IP’s section in the database settings, it just goes into the pending state .

one of the servers should work now

Both are in hung state.
They were working but I updated the whitelisted IP and they went into hung state again.

only one out of 3 servers should work now, didn’t fix all 3 of them yet, all 3 servers should work now

I did this,
Copy worked but new server isn’t listening to any event.

did you also restart the server?
now you can also add an event by code: