Is there any function in Moralis that allows to send automatically the tokens to the user , something Like Claim Rewards?

Hello , i want to implement Claim reward functionality but i couldn’t figure out how to do it , any help please!

if you want to send some tokens from your wallet, then you’ll have to implement something custom that uses a saved private key

and how do i do that without making my private key accessible ??

you can have your own server, where you use that private key to send/sign transactions

basically the Claim rewards functionality is not achievable with moralis ?

without a private key saved somewhere it is not possible to do that automatically

can i use Cloud functions in moralis to achieve such functionality , and if Yes how ?

you can do it, it is not recommended to do it that way, you will have to write the code yourself to do it, we don’t offer that functionality in an easy to use function

you will need a web3 instance that you can get with Moralis.web3ByChain: