Is there a simple way of obtaining the domain of a token contract

I understand you can obtain the signature by calling DOMAIN_SEPARATOR on the contract in question. However, the original object (from my understanding) cannot be reverse engineered to obtain the original object. Calling functions on the contract when not knowing the format prior seems to be quite complex as well. Is there a simply way of obtaining this data?

Hi @CleanMcGerk

What do you mean by the domain of a contract?

EIP712Domain: [
          { name: "name", type: "string" },
          { name: "version", type: "string" },
          { name: "chainId", type: "uint256" },
          { name: "verifyingContract", type: "address" },

I dont know how we can get this data. If there are not public variables of the contract then it might not be possible to read

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