Is the Moralis server down?

I’m getting this error when launching my app:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: XMLHttpRequest failed: “Unable to connect to the Parse API”

It used to work fine until yesterday. Is the server down?

try to check the server, to see if it works as expected

How can I check the server?

in admin interface (, you can see the server, you can update, restart, wake it up in case that is sleeping

The admin interface says that the server is live.

My server url is

I tried pinging the server but I’m getting a timeout error:

PING ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
Request timeout for icmp_seq 1

the server seems to work, did you do any changes recently?
try to see what server the application tries to access

you don’t have to ping, that is only the domain, it is not the same thing as the subdomain

I created the server yesterday. It was working a few hours ago.

in the application, maybe you did some updates, try to debug the application