Is that possible to link Unity game with moralis?

I have a token created on BSC and it’s live on PancakeSwap. Now I am planning to create a NFT game. My game developer familiar with Unity Game Engine. So at the moment I need technical support to start our creation.

Is that possible to link Unity game with moralis?

I am newbie this NFT. And my unity game developer also newbie to NFT. So I need A-Z answers. Help me.

Thank you.

Hey @newbie

Is your game browser-based or not?

Yes browser based one!

The Moralis SDK for the Unity is currently under development.

I’m not sure if you will be able to use the Moralis JS SDK inside the Unity, but anyway
you can get the data using http requests . Cloud functions will be useful to you too.

Also take a look at:

Take a look at the video about the game made on Unity using Moralis:

Regarding the development of NFT smart contracts, you can find videos about ERC721 programming on the Moralis YouTube Channel

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Feel free to ask any questions on the forum. We can solve everything together :man_mechanic:

Thank you for the information. So what game design platform compatible with moralis?

You can use Moralis SDK from unity (docs). I’m just not sure how convenient it is. You will need to call the javascript functions from the Unity.

If you are considering choosing something else instead of Unity. You can for example use the Phaser JS game engine.
On our YouTube channel, we have tutorials about the development of a nft game on Phaser.