Is moralis server having issues

Is moralis server having issues? i keep getting this ,Unable to fetch all NFT metadata… We are searching for a solution, please try again later!

where from are you getting that? can you add a screenshot?

I’m not sure if it’s me, but my metadata constantly comes and goes.
ERC1155, defined in constructor prior to uploading JSON files to Moralis server via moralis-admin-cli

what is the link there to that image that comes and goes?

They all seem to come and go.
I’ve checked every link, all are up.

link to #156, works without a fail…

I mean, to post here a link that comes an go, to see how it looks

Sure, correct me if I’m wrong, I gave you the
Metadata JSON and the image_url

Do we have any roperted problems with ERC1155 nft’s?
I can see that MetaMask feeds off Opensea and they don’t allow BSC network yet.
Could that be an issue? Perhaps changing JSON files after the deployment could cause it?

I don’t know yet, did you look in your browser console to see if there is any error when some images don’t load?

Happy NY. Thank you again for bearing with me. I’ve checked, no errors in the logs. It actually retrieves successfully.

Could that have been because I edited JSOn files after CA deployment?

You could have some problems if you edited those json files after smart contract deployment, but it should always work or not, not to be something that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t

I found a common denominator it was the ERC1155… No problems with ERC721