Is Moralis considering excluding username already registered at ENS/Unstoppable?

Currently, users can register address at ENS/Unstoppable to create a “verified” user name associated with a wallet.

However, a user can also create its own username potentially “stealing” a username registered on ENS/Unstoppable.

Would it be possible to Moralis to forbid existing and verified username on ENS/Unstoppable?

This way we would allow both decentralization and free usernames (but unverified).

The following implement this for ENS. For unstoppable domain, I am struggling to get a good reverse lookup.

  const fetchENSDomain = async () => {
    const ethers = Moralis.web3Library;
    const cloud_provider = new ethers.providers.CloudflareProvider()    
    var address = await cloud_provider.resolveName(username)
    return address

  const changeUsername = async () => {
    const foundaddress = await fetchENSDomain()
    if (foundaddress===null || foundaddress.toLowerCase() === user.get('ethAddress')) {
      user.set("username", username)
      try {
        return true
        } catch (error) {
          alert("Error: " + error.code + " " + error.message)
          return false
    } else {
        alert("This username is registered in Ethereum Name Service")