Is Moralis compatible with the xDai chain?

Hi, I’m doing some experimenting with relating to POAPs, and it seems like no data can’t be fetched from the xDai chain. I’ve got the simple functionality working for displaying NFTs and it works on Ethereum/ETH Testnets/Matic, and seems straightforward enough, but when I’ve tried setting {chain:“0x64”} or just actually switching networks to xDai in Metamask, it’s like no data comes through at all.

Is xDai not compatible? Is there a reason Moralis would not work with xDai ? (I realise that I may be missing something obvious… )

Thanks in advance!

Hey currently we’re not supporting xDai at the moment :raised_hands: some people do propose it in our roadmap here, so if you want us to support it, vote on it and we might add it in the future~

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Got it. Thanks for the quick reply !

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