Is Moralis centralized?

thinking of using Moralis in our application. however, seeing as moralis is a backend/server architecture that is developed and controlled by a central entity, that would conclude that my applications architecture would be subject to the management and technological standard of Moralis and any shortcomings it may have. We will have no control in the event of Moralis shutting down, or if it has a technical issue, etc. How can you reassure us that we should use Moralis over a native backend solution when building an application that we hope to scale to millions of users? I mean after all that is the purpose of Moralis.

Hello @Bcryptsky

Moralis makes it possible to create a working application very simply and quickly. You can get a wealth of information with just a few lines of code. Balances, transfers, nft, tokens, prices, historical information and real-time events. We provide all this and even more. You can start using our service for free and evaluate its benefits. We also offer a paid service with the possibility of personal support and increasing technical limits.

Yes, there may be bugs or problems on our side. But we fix everything very quickly. The functionality and capabilities are constantly increasing.

Take a look at on the capabilities of Moralis SDK:

But Moralis is much more than SDK.

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If you are interested in special conditions of paid plans, contact Kresimir#3615 in the Discord

thanks @Yomoo, however I dont think you have answered my question. I understand what Moralis does.

Thanks for great question!
Moralis doesn’t centralize your dapp, all assets and smart contracts are on the blockchain.

  1. Moralis doesn’t hold any assets or private keys - all assets are on-chain.
  2. Moralis only handles off-chain data, and all dapps need to process data using a centralized server
  3. Moralis makes building this common crypto backend that all dapps need faster
  4. Using Moralis you can build your prototype fast and reach mass adoption fast
  5. In case your dapp becomes big and you want to build your own backend in the future without Moralis- you can do that
  6. But when starting out Moralis gives you a massive advantage and speed!
  7. We regularly check the forum and discord and answer all questions.

Learn more:

I will be happy to answer your questions :man_mechanic:


Regarding whether Moralis can have technical issues - yes of course we may have downtime because of technical issues (like any service).

Is it better to use Moralis or build on your own? Depends on your resources and staff, we build blockchain infrastructure every day, that’s the only thing we do and are experts in, chances are we are better at blockchain infrastructure than a team building a dapp and will have much better uptime than their in-house infrastructure :raised_hands:

At the end of the day, you are always reliant on someone running parts of your tech - whether it’s AWS, Google Cloud, Infura, Alchemy or Moralis

Feel free to experiment with our tech and let us know if you have more questions, we answer fast as always :star_struck:


At the end of the day that is what matters, no programmer does everything on their own, even programming in React means you are reliant on Facebook’s JavaScript library, so it is just a matter of what makes life easier when you have that idea you want to develop and what tools you want to use


thanks for your replies @ivan @Yomoo. Moralis is Awesome.


@ivan btw im a academy student from the UK living in Sweden. you changed my life Ivan. Im building something super cool, and using Moralis!


Amazing to hear good luck🤩

Hi Ivan, probably the first question was not answered very clearly. Definitely, Moralis is an amazing tool, and I have to congrats all people involved on it. But today I need a develop some elements for a company, and I cannot choose Moralis because is not clear what is the profit of then, How they win money, at what point they will start to charge payments to continue the service. Is not clear, and without that clarification, I cannot offer to my clients to implement some processes using Moralis.

there is a pricing page for Moralis services, if that is what you mean:

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Hey man, not sure what you mean maybe you can clarify - like cryptokid says - our pricing is on the page. We charge for use.

In the near future we will open source and you can self-host moralis and run everything yourself too

A few weeks ago I made this video that hopefully clarifies why it’s always better to use moralis than to not use moralis especially for new projects

Got it, Now, I see where the details are. Thanks!!

Hey @ivan when will the self hosting feature go live? we are building our MVP on Moralis mainly so we can test and deploy our concept and also have something tangible to showcase to VC’s. We hope that the self hosting Moralis architecture can ensure we achieve the full scope of the concept/Dapp while still utilising Moralis.

Hi! Next year, but no exact ETA

Thanks @ivan. Will be keeping our eyes peeled. Are any of the big name Dapps/Protocols planning on using Moralis self hosting feature? Do you foresee a migration over to Moralis from traditional backend infrastructure? We dont want Moralis to just stay as a tool to ship and deploy rudimentary Dapps in their early stages. Moralis will be Pump

Also, when Moralis ZkSync?