Is it possible to redirect gas fee charges to another wallet?

I am carrying out a smart contract feasibility study for a potential client of mine.
My client is a service provider with customers in the millions!

Almost all write ( .sent() ) interactions with the smart contract will come from the service providers’ customers, meaning they (the service provider’s customers) will be charged gas fees as they will be writing to/running state altering functions in the blockchain.

Also, most of the read ( .call() ) interactions in the same smart contract will be coming from the service providers themselves.

I find it unfair to have to charge the service provider’s customers for gas fees and would rather divert the gas fee charges to the service providers themselves.

Is there a way/solution/library where I can divert gas fee charges to another wallet account, in my case the service providers wallet?

A even better solution would be to collect gas fees in advance storing it in a pool intended for their future customer usage, then deduct the gas fees as their users write to the blockchain via .send().

One solution is that you need to change the smart contract function to ownable and run this contract function from your backend using the smart contract owners ( service providers ) wallet.

For example: If a customer wants to write new data on the blockchain, they will send you the data from the frontend and you (service provider) will verify the data and the customer wallet address and then call the smart contract function from the backend itself.

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Wouldn’t this mean that I’d (as the service provider) would have to constantly be online in order to constantly verify each and every customer’s data and customer wallet address before calling the smart contract functions?
I am expecting my potential clients to have customers that would interact with the smart contract in the millions…

I am looking into the Biconomy solution, that offers users gassless transactions.
Whats your opinion about this solution?

No he’s saying that a server or backend would stay online and do all of this work. E.g. the backend runs the contract function(s) using the service provider’s wallet on behalf of the user.

Biconomy looks like a good option. You add currency to a pool of some sort which you keep topping up which is used to pay for fees via a relayer.

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I see, thanks for clarifying.

Naturally the Biconomy alternative would cost more money since they are service provider, providing me with a service.
Out of the two alternatives would you suggest Biconomy?

Sorry I couldn’t say, I haven’t used it and am not familiar with this sort of thing. I imagine doing it all custom could get quite complex and then you have to think about a lot of things like making sure your backend is resilient, scaling your infrastructure. This is considering your use case of a very large customer base.

So it’s probably worth looking into e.g. from a reliability and security perspective. You can ask them or research for any clients (and contact them too) that use Biconomy or similar service.

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I appreciate your valuable opinion!