Is it possible to get the history of ERC-1155 token transfers via api?

I created and sold an nft token on opensea. Is it possible to view the history of transfers via moralis api by the address of the contract and the id of the token (and, if necessary, by my account number) ?
Token Standard: ERC-1155
Blockchain: Polygon
Metadata: Centralized

You can try this endpoint:

Thank you!
contract address: 0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963
token ID: 61205995710461199848269815650489462963271035846501253690017988389245437345793
For api i use url:

But when I try to use curl (with headers) I can’t get the owners. I get the following response:

    "total": 0,
    "page": 0,
    "page_size": 100,
    "cursor": "",
    "result": [],
    "status": "SYNCED"

What am I doing wrong ?

there should be a curl example directly in web3api interface, you need to add the api key there

try it directly on

I ran queries with the key.
Now I tried to do curl in the admin panel, but again I did not get the transfers:

Please specify where is the problem?

Got it, I’ll check when I get back to computer.

where from did you get that combination of chain, contract address and token id? I don’t find it on polygon scan

can you point me on chain to where a transaction was made for that specific token id?

This is the address of the contract and the id of the token on opensea.
Sales were on
This is the token page on
Here you can see the chain of transfers.

Is it possible to get this transfer history?

this is a totally different token id?

Your truth!
I made a mistake in the id of the token. I checked through the admin panel and now I get the right data. Thank you!

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