Is it possible to create fungible tokens with the Moralis API, using the ERC-1155 standard?

Using the Moralis API, is it possible to execute the ERC-1155 smart contract and create not only NFTs, but also fungible tokens similar to ERC-20?

You can create an erc1155 smart contract and deploy it. But you will not use Moralis for this part. Most of the times you will write the smart contract in solidity and deploy it with remix or other tool.

So with Moralis I can only track and manage the balances of the tokens that will be linked to my account?

yes, with moralis you can sync all the transaction for your users in a server database, use web3api to get information about what tokens an address has, what is the native balance, what NFTs it has, and so on.

but it will not help on deploying a smart contract

Well, at least when creating tokens, I can transfer them from Moralis.

In addition, I want to clarify again, on the official page of Ethereum it is written that in the ERC-1155 standard you can create NFT tokens, and fungible tokens, but for some reason everyone is talking about the ERC-1155 standard as a standard for NFT. I don’t understand in this standard fungible tokens are considered second-class?)

And thanks for the reply.

I think that it is possible to create fungible tokens with ERC-1155 (if you mean something similar as ERC20), but you may get into problems later when you would want to use them as ERC20 are used for example to add them to a liquidity pool

Yes, I thought that the problem could be in moving to other platforms. But for us, this is not obligatory, it is only necessary that the token exists as a separate currency for the growth, so to speak, and it can be tracked in the blockchain by its name, and that’s it.

I wanted to use the source cat of the Waves platform, only change the name, logo and protocol, but to be honest I could not, I did not understand which file to start with. It was a good option because we need to create tokens online, otherwise we need to tinker with Ethereum tokens)

There are other services available like thirdweb which abstract away a lot of the contract difficulty in setting up NFTs, etc. if you really want to get something deployed with no/little smart contract experience. Otherwise that is a learning path you will have to take if you want to set up tokens or NFTs.

Unfortunately, there is no time for study and course, you need to finish the project.

thirdweb allows with API request for example from PHP create a new token? I did not find such information. On their site, you need to turn on the metamask, and we want to automate the process on our server.