Is automatic sync not working with BSC Testnet yet?

Just start with automatic sync with smart contract event watcher but wonder is it working with BSC Testnet yet?

Working perfectly with BSC mainnet, all events sync with historical but when comes to BSC testnet nothing sync at all (try with couple contracts)

It should work without problems with bsc testnet

I thought so, but sadly like I mention above didnโ€™t see anything happened on bsctestnet but bscmainnet working as it should.

PS. bsctestnet watching on Transfer event on ERC20 token

what is the server url?
is that ERC20 token deployed on testnet?

Server url:

Just try with the new server instance and itโ€™s working! but the server ( is not working

Try to update the server, it doesnโ€™t have latest version

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That should work :slight_smile: thank to you cryptokid!

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