Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX)

Hello Moralis Users

Moralis did something, which happened only once before, which is great. Thanks to the Moralis staff. By following the steps given, a connection to an Ethereum Wallet was made possible at https://africahead.github.io/Africahead/Ipparts_files/index.html. The previous time it happened, no progress could be made because i studied accounting and philosophy, not computer programming. I know enough html to have formed a few websites on github, but when it comes to blockchain i’m basically lost. I managed to form a Moyom (MYM) token contract recently on Binance Smart Chain by copying and pasting the standard BEP20 contract.

Let me get to my question. I am too old to learn blockchain programming, Java, npm etc.

How can i place orders on 0x Protocol. I want to place sell orders for 5 tokens, which are used on Ipparts Exchange in such a way that swaps can happen with the imToken wallet on Tokenlon, if possible. Do you know a place where i can copy and paste code from and how do i get it on the 0x Protocol. Can i use Moralis to do it?