IPFS URL conventions

When we use the Moralis saveIPFS() call I would expect URLs of the type https://ipfs.io/ipfs/CID to work (CID being the Content Identifier)

But this example doesn’t (or doesn’t anymore): https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmVgLqkx2kVbvJ5jZTDyjwB77DFNynJAU1Sb4PWgjxUV4g

The Moralis-specific equivalent does work:

However the above URL has a company name in it (“moralis”), which to me isn’t a good look for us, in what is meant to be a de-centralised system.

Toughts? Solutions?

Ok… Today both URLs work again. So it seems, that it’s sometimes on and sometimes off when it comes to URLs that start with https:://ipfs.ip/ipfs/… ?
How come?

Gateways like ipfs.io can be slow or unresponsive from time to time. That’s probably the most widely used public gateway. There’s a list here.

In terms of the Moralis gateway or URL, it’s just another way of accessing the same file. https://ipfs.io is one of the gateways run by the governing organisation for IPFS. You could use any public IPFS gateway or run/get your own dedicated gateway. A dedicated gateway theoretically is faster and more consistent vs a public gateway since only you would use it and you wouldn’t run into issues like request limits.

If you wanted to go a different route, you could look into setting up your own IPFS nodes/gateways on some sort of decentralized cloud provider like Storj.

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Great answer @alex! Thanks for the clarification.