[IPFS] Huge loading time

about 1 minute to get a file on IPFS, normal?


it depends on the file size, usually it should be fast

I upload now to IPFS a 300KB file in 3.5 seconds

Actually 16s for 400ko.
See https://tools.7th.world/imgs/Ipfs_time.png.
poor performance it seems to me…

what is your Moralis Server subdomain/url?


I tested now with your server with an image of 300KB and it uploaded it in under 2 seconds

I don’t understand why you tried from the server since it’s my web browser directly loading the IPFS resource.
Are the IPFS files stored on each server or in the cloud?
The image provided in the previous message comes from my browser (Firefox).
i retry now and a time is 16000 ms.
in comparison, the 1.34MB moralis.js (unpkg.com) file loads in 23ms.

you say that the problem is not on upload to IPFS, but on loading a file from IPFS?

Thanks for this information. It was useful.

Yes download not upload

for download you can try other IPFS gateways too like cloudflare or ipfs.io