IPFS Gateway Error 522 on half of my uploaded files

I am using Moralis IPFS gateway to upload a set of images. I noticed today that half of those images now return a Error 522 Connection Timed Out. Here is an example image to take a look at.


Over the past week this set of images has been viewed frequently, and some of these images have been uploaded for over a month. This is the first time I am encountering this issue.

Is this a reoccurring issue? Is there a reason that this is happening on my end and what can I do to expect reliable gateway uptime in the future. Thanks for your insights (I am asking because I have a limited understanding of IPFS gateways).

it looks like the image loaded fast for me now, you could also try to use cloudflare IPFS gateway, but it will take considerable time to load first time you try: https://cloudflare-ipfs.com:2053/ipfs/QmRrFVn8bQMu9NR3uB4S7k8haZzLqmVrEXTh8BZwt2yWVL