IPFS Bulk Uploading (folder) failing on Moralis


I have been work on folder upload on Moralis (for IPFS) as a pre-requisite for my ERC-1155 smart contract, the metadata file that I am uploading is around 1 KB, however what I have noticed is it works till 1000-1200 files, but since I have a requirement more than that, I started getting 503 error. Is there anything I could do to prevent this error and be able to reach upto 10,000 or even more files.


Hi, currently we have some size limitations for the uploadFolder function, we have to make some improvements to that function.

Thanks, but do we know the limit as of yet in terms of number of data files, data size etc. Any alternative that you may want to suggest for time being in case we have files running in thousands

from my tests current limit looks like something closer to 5MB
we are working on improving this function

Any update on this? Still getting an error.

it looks like we didnโ€™t improve the functionality of upload folder endpoint.
you could try to upload images with normal IPFS upload and only to upload .json files using upload folder functionality

By normal IPFS upload do you mean using the saveIPFS method?

Yes, I mean using that method, but it will not save all the files in the same folder

Yeah I am trying that out and it seems I get random Internal server errors.

Edit: I am calling this method inside a loop

You may need to use a sleep in that loop, but you should not get internal server error, you may get a rate limit error if you do too many calls in a short period of time

Iโ€™m also getting internal server error

what is the size that you are trying to upload?

17mb but before i tried with 100 mb and it gave me rate limit error, but not sure about this internal server error.

I donโ€™t expect it to work with 17 MB, you can try with 2MB, in the past it worked with 5MB

it may be easier now to use a service from another IPFS provider to upload a folder