iOS App access moralis

Hi there,

Is moralis support sdk for python?
We would like to use it to build a backend server which wraps moralis service to cache some data for our users. And we would also want to make it as APIs for our iOS app. Is that feasible from your perspective?

You can use web3api directly from python using http requests

Thanks for quick reply! :smile: Do you mean that I don’t need to use moralis? I would like to parse the users ERC20 token balance and NFT collection.

You would use Moralis API, but not directly Moralis SDK, I think that you can get that data that you want by making direct http requests to the API.

But you would get automatically users ERC20 tokens and NFTs synced in Moralis DB if you use Moralis server and add your users address to watch addresses.

Thanks for your explanation!

Looks like moralis api is a good solution to our requirement.

But I am not quite sure what is moralis db that you mentioned for, could you please explain a bit for that?

Also, after doing some research, there are some other company providing similar solution like quicknode/ infura. They charge depending on request count, but I couldnt find the pricing table of moralis. Do you know where can I find it?

Thabks again!


You can learn more about Moralis in this video. It’s more than an API service. It basically replaces your entire Dapp backend infrastructure. We have a free service until you would like to go for Production. For production scaling, you’ll have to reach out to any of the Moralis team members on discord.

Hope this helps

Thanks for your info! I will check it out.

Another question is: does moralis support solana api for getting nft assets info of specific addresses?

Moralis doesn’t support Solana yet

When will Solana be implemented into Moralis?

Soon ! Very Soon ! Moralis is working on it