Invalid session token, when using react-moralis

Hello, I am using Moralis SDK for authentication on my nft site, and for some reason I will get the error Invalid session token when I re-connect my wallet. I have listed the full error down below, any idea what could be causing this? Thanks!

2022-02-18T17:34:04.969Z - Error: Invalid session token
at Object.getAuthForSessionToken (/moralis-server/lib/Auth.js:114:11)
at runMicrotasks ()
at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

how do you replicate that problem?
how do you reconnect?

It seems to be happening randomly, but usually it occurs when I have authenticated and connected metamask, then when I refresh and have re-connect with moralis/metamask, I will get the error. Even when I get the error, it still lets me reconnect with metamask no problem.

you are using latest version of Moralis SDK?

Yup, we are using moralis 1.3.2 and react-moralis 1.3.1