Invalid Server Auth / Web3 API error while calling /:address

I have an account upgrated to Pro, but when I run scan 10 contract address every 30 seconds, I always get error

  • Invalid Server Auth
  • Web3 API error while calling /:address
    I use BSC testnet. What happend with my project and server

what is the server url?
did you try to restart your server?
did it work before for you? you make the queries for those 10 contracts in parallel?
I restarted server, but i need know the reasion why it is happend
It run a short time and become 100% CPU
Yes, i run 10 scan in parallel

it can happen to see those errors when the server is in 100%, I don’t know yet the reason.

what it the code that you were running to do that scan or do you know a way to reproduce the problem?
if you try again now what happens?
running lots of requests in parallel may result in rate limit errors too

How change rate limit ?
Should i upgrade to Optimum Server ?
Does Moralis support notification when server is down or CPU 100% ?

it depends on your needs/usage, you can increase the limit and also the server processing power if you want

I don’t know if you get notifications now when server is down or CPU 100%

After I restart server, something get error : Web3 API error while calling /:address
Please tell me when Moralis return this error

I see few errors like that on your server, more like 5 errors, when you get that error, you should try again same request and it should work fine on second try

I want know more about Moralis Optimum Server, how can I contact

you can send an email to [email protected]

Hello, please help me check this server
It is 100%CPU now

Now, its alway return Invalid function: “getTransactions” when i restart server, what happend ?

Hello, my server is CPU 100% now, can help me check this to find the reason why it become 100%

Could you be syncing events that has a lot of data? Usually that should not be a concern at all since it will not stop you from utilizing the server