"Invalid hex number" on /{address}/nft when using two parameters for token_addresses

and the interface is shown as above.

Now, focus on the “token_addresses” field, where clearly consumers of this api are supposed to be able to input one or multiple or none addresses of NFT smart contracts.

And, the api worked fine when given one or none addresses, but shows “Invalid hex number” error when given more than 1 addresses of smart contracts.

And since the field spec clearly states “array[string]”, we assume it is not working as expected.

So, please help.


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I have the same behaviour, my assumption now is that it doesn’t work with a list of token_addresses and only with an optional token_address

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Any idea when this will be fixed? Having the same issues. Thanks

The assumption for now is that it may be an error in the interface and that api endpoint doesn’t support multiple addresses.

@GSWill, @anderson, it looks like this is fixed now

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