Intrinsic Gas Too Low - For Web3 auth Transfer function

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting a question here! I’m building an app that has Web3 auth instead of MM. I just wanna test if transactions can be made with this type of authentication. But after calling the ETH transfer function on button click, i get this in the console…

I’ve also called this function on button click, which previous error said to add

     provider: "web3Auth",
     clientId: "myID",

Can I transfer ETH using web3 auth method?

did you have some ETH in your Web3Auth address? seems like that might be the problem

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Ah the balance is like 0.001 ETH. I think that’s the issue, as I don’t have enough amount for the gas right?

do you know how to set gas limit for web3auth address? by using some functions maybe!?

I still faced same problem, can anyone help me on it ? I had much enough ETH for transaction but it still error.

@tungnt258was able to fix this by updating the Moralis version in package.json to moralis to 1.11.0

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