: Internal JSON-RPC error.: eth_sendTransaction

hello sir , i want to execute smartcontract in unity,
my function has a parameter of uint256 and when i execute Moralis_ExecuteContractFunction i getInternal JSON-RPC error.: eth_sendTransaction in my metamask transaction page.

I am using this code:

// Estimate the gas
		HexBigInteger value = new HexBigInteger(0);
		HexBigInteger gas = new HexBigInteger(0);
		HexBigInteger gasPrice = new HexBigInteger(2000); //change to o?

		string addressFormatted = Formatters.GetWeb3AddressShortFormat(address);
		string argsString = "";
		if (args == null)
			argsString = "null";
			argsString = args.ToString();
			// Execute: ExecuteContractFunction
			string result = await Moralis.ExecuteContractFunction(address, abi, functionName, args, value, gas, gasPrice);

args is —int greeting =10;

		object[] args =

and the function to call is withdrawTokensTest which takes uint256 as parameter…When i execute a function with string parameter it works perfectly but with uint256 it is thworing error

@cryptokid please help with this issue

That is the only error that you get? No other additional info?

Try with a hardcoded value for that parameter.