Interact with smart contract without calling Metamask

I read this -> but could we use Moralis to interact (transfer tokens, execute functions) with smart contract on Ethereum without interacting with Metamask?

you can only call read only functions without interacting with MetaMask (or another wallet) with runContractFunction:

Ok, that’s too bad as I need to execute some functions in smart contract. I actually need that as I’m participating in a hackathon sponsored by Moralis.

without metamask (or another wallet), you’ll have to use a private key in order to execute write functions in a smart contract

Hi, I am also looking for the same functionality. I need a console program to interact and write to my smart contract without having need to using an interface and connecting with metamask using the interface. Do you know how I can use my wallet address and private key to automate the process.

you could start with a code like this: How to solve Returned error: only replay-protected (EIP-155) transactions allowed over RPC?

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