Interact with Contract without web3


if you check out that website
there is no need to connect to wallet to load the stats like already earned rewards / next rewards.

i developed the same thingā€¦ but with connecting to the walletā€¦ so i can use web3 to interact with the contract functions to get earnings and next earningsā€¦ BUT as there are tons of problems with IOS i have to recode thisā€¦ so no web3 is needed.

is it possible to call a contract function with the moralis cloud function or anything? or like the web3 api? the web3 api is working very fine, but i cant set parameters like the wallet addressā€¦

would be nice to get some help here

Thank you <3

you can use web3 from a cloud function, you can find an example here Moralis Web3 API not in Cloud Functions?