Integrating Moralis with Django-based Webiste

Hello, I am quite new to Moralis, and as I understand Moralis is a great tool for making Dapps. Now, my end goal is to create DAO (I just want it for voting with governence tokens) with moralis using its tools and then somehow integrate it with a website. I was wondering if there is a way of connecting these two together? if so what can I use.

Django is in backend, Moralis SDK is used in front end most of the times. You can use those two without problems.

depending on your needs after that you can connect directly from python to Moralis Server database or you can try to use a library specific to parse server written in python.

Thanks for the reply!!
wait so, connecting wallets, polls, voting all of this features that are in Moralis SDK is considered front end?

Yes, there is a Moralis server that is used as backend for querying the database and authentication for example. But for now you will use it with Django it will be only front end most of the times.

I think I asked the wrong question, I meant if maybe I can implement authentication from Moralis (with full functionality), and just use Django for maybe homepage and stuff.

btw, thanks a lot for your time.

Yes, you can do that easily. You only use Moralis sdk in fronend for that