Initial Moralis Account Setup - Activation Email Not Sent

Hey all,

I created my Moralis account today for the first time. After clicking through the captcha and sending the account generation call, I hit a 504 error and had to reload the page. When I tried to sign up again, I received an “Email already exists” error.

I then tried to sign in but received an “Incorrect U/n or P/w” error. After two password resets, I was able to login to Moralis. I cannot create any instances without finalizing my account activation, but I never received the activation email.

I have searched my inbox, checked spam and all tabs, carried out basic browser troubleshooting (even though it didn’t make sense to do it, I learned as tech support that it doesn’t matter sometimes.)

I’d like to get started and have already delved into the YT some, but I can’t spool a testnet instance to run with.

Please help.

Hey @WhEeWh0o!

Let me know your email in DMs, I’ll resend you an activation link or see what has happened there.