Incorrect spelling in the file `index.d.ts` in the import of `./generated/web3Api.d.ts`

I’ve installed latest version today and it seems there is in the file index.d.ts incorrect spelling in this import:
import { GeneratedWeb3API } from './generated/web3api';

The problem it’s not web3api but web3Api so I need to fix this by manually changing the file name in node_modules Moralis package in order to have correct typings on Web3Api property. I’d be happy for a quickfix of this. Thank you:)


Hey @microHoffman

Thank you for the report :raised_hands:

Moralis JS SDK is now open source. So if you want you can create PR yourself or I can do PR myself

Oh great! I’ve created PR - . Thanks:)


I’m adding here a sed script if anyone has a similar issue as I and wants to have their typings fixed automatically after npm/yarn install. Add this to your postinstall hook in package.json:

sed -i 's@generated/web3api@generated/web3Api@' node_modules/moralis/types/index.d.ts.