Incomplete and Missing data from getNFTTrades API

Hi I’m trying to use the getNFTTrades and I’m getting zero results back. Here’s an example account in question 0xeB94Bd011F6b794B6C846457b85Efa895D2DD744 and here is one example of a NFT sell that the account has done

The sell also shows up on OpenSea link

I tested other apis and they work fine for this account including getNFTs.

Here’s a code snippet incase I’m calling it wrong…

  const moralisKey = process.env.MORALIS_API_KEY;
  const moralisAppId = process.env.MORALIS_APP_ID;
  const moralisURL = process.env.MORALIS_URL;
  await Moralis.start({
    masterKey: moralisKey,
    serverUrl: moralisURL,
    appId: moralisAppId,

  const address = "0xeB94Bd011F6b794B6C846457b85Efa895D2DD744".toLowerCase();
  const options = {

  const NFTTrades = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getNFTTrades(options);
  console.dir(NFTTrades); // comes back empty

  const userEthNFTs = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTs(options);
  console.dir(userEthNFTs); // comes back with results

it looks like it needs the address of the contract, like: