Inaccessible certain class on dashboard, but can still access other class

I don’t understand what happens there
what did you try to access when you got that error?

this class I created

ok, so you say that you created a class with the name OrderCreated, but you can not access it in the dashboard

I created now a class with same name and it looks like it works, maybe the problem is with the columns that you added in that class.

I think there’s a bug or underlying error here.

what is your server subdomain/url?

it could be a problem related to a column that has a name that makes it to be interpreted as a date and the data is not a date

I guess you are right. didn’t create the class via class dashboard, the contract sync created it.

this expiresAt column should be uint256

ok, you could create another class then, or delete that row and after that delete that column from the dashboard

you can edit in the abi to give it a different name

how to delete it if there is no UI showing like this?

you can delete it from code, you can do a .find() and after that .destroy() on that object.