In Safari browser Moralis files are not loaded

In safari moralis file url is no wokring

This URL is forking every other browser but not safari

Do not what is going on

I donโ€™t know what is going on, maybe that type of mp4 files is not supported by safari

But if i download and mp4 file and open it on safari mp4 is working fine.

even this file is not working

if you try to upload it to IPFS then it works?

IPFS working

IPFS (working)

Moralis (not working)

is this the problem? i googled it.

  1. Is the file served from a file server or blob server? If so, it doesnโ€™t work on Safari. Is it usual shared server or VPS?

in particular I think that those files are saved now in a database, that may be related to the reason, that is how parse server may do it now (Parse server is something that Moralis server uses), we are planing on improving that part related to saving files in the future

Is there a way that we can bypass this issue? Should we upload this file to s3 ?

if you can upload the file to s3, or IPFS then it may work

Can not upload directly to the IPFS this file is editable, once mint it yes we can, may be s3 then.

I keep this answer here maybe this will help somebody.

The solution to this problem was just a work around. The reason being the that blob servers arenโ€™t streaming servers. iOS devices expect the videos to arrive in small chunks. So for instance a streaming server is able to do this. However, a blob server just hands the video as a blob which is not what the iOS device expects. Some browsers are smart enough to handle this but others not.

The way I solved this was to add the video files outside of the blob server in a folder within the project and then render this through the Apache server instead of serving it via the actual blob server we were using. I hope this helps.

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