In my function, while using my mapping to reference to an array, I keep getting the error message below:

TypeError: Type struct etherGifter.CryptoGift storage ref[] storage ref is not
implicitly convertible to expected type struct etherGifter.CryptoGift memory. --> contracts/gifter4.sol:100:9:
100 | CryptoGift memory validGifts = myGifts[msg.sender];
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Can someone kindly help me resolve this?

Find below my snippets of my code:

enum Status { pendingGifting, giftGifted }

struct CryptoGift {
Status GiftStatus;

mapping(address => CryptoGift[]) private myGifts;

function viewMyGifts() public view returns ( CryptoGift[] memory ) {
CryptoGift memory validGifts = myGifts[msg.sender];

require( validGifts.GiftStatus != Status.giftGifted, "You have no active gifts!" );

return myGifts[msg.sender];