Improper billing - Lack of response with important questions

You charge the credit card amount and put my server to sleep. I want to resolve urgent matters with you, and I want a quality service, no matter if I get paid. It’s very difficult to work with Improve support service please, we work with big projects that involve a lot of money. We cannot keep having these irresponsible problems.

-How to get a refund for what was charged?

I need that answer urgently.

On YouTube it’s all magic to solve people’s problems but the reality is quite different. I love the work and the information you bring and what you’re doing, but as a customer it’s been a nightmare.

This has already been sent by email too, I’m sending it here to reinforce it.

Hi @mrkt! Lucas, right?

I believe I’ve just sent you an email half an hour ago, would you mind checking there?
Let’s clarify all doubts or concerns that may be in place.

Thanks! Looking forward to hear back from you