Import openzepplin, use VSC and truffle

i would like to follow moralis yt tuto but i dont know why i can’t import openzepplin contract
code :
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity >=0.4.22 <0.9.0;

import “”;
import “”;

contract NFT_erc1150 is ERC1155 {
uint256 public constant ARTWORK = 0;
uint256 public constant PHOTO = 1;

constructor() ERC1155("METADATA") {
    _mint(msg.sender, ARTWORK, 1, "");
function mint(address account, uint256 id, uint256 amount) public onlyOwner {
    _mint(account, id, amount, "");
function burn(address account, uint256 id, uint256 amount) public {
    require(msg.sender == account);
    _burn(account, id, amount);

version of truffle :
Truffle v5.3.11 (core: 5.3.11)
Solidity - 0.8.0 (solc-js)
Node v16.3.0
Web3.js v1.3.6

thank you :slight_smile:

I think that you’ll have to use a syntax like import "../node_modules/@openzeppelin/contracts/access/Ownable.sol"; instead of that syntax with GitHub, and you’ll have to download those particular node modules before with something like npm install --save @openzeppelin/contracts
That syntax with GitHub may work on remix interface.

Thank you for ur support
i just dowload but i have the same problem :frowning:
it say : /Users/chinoiserie/delivery/BLOCKCHAIN/erc1155/test/node_modules/@openzeppelin/contracts/access/Ownable.sol" not found: File import callback not supported

maybe my path its not good i need to know where openzepplin is ?

Hoooooo its ok thank you bro love you its my path :slight_smile: