I'm trying to airdrop NFTs to token stakers

Hey guys, Iā€™m trying to create a smart contract that will allow ERC20 token stakers to mint an NFT,

Is it possible and how can i achieve this,


Yes that is possible. You could have your staking/ERC20 contract and NFT contract, and in your NFT contract, restrict (with require) the minting process to token stakers only (determined by reading data from the staking contract).

Some resources:
Interact with other contracts from Solidity | ethereum.org

How to call another smart contract from your solidity code explained - step-by-step beginners guides | QuickNode

Ok man thanks so much

can you please help me to audit this code

Iā€™m trying to create a modifier in the saitanobi (NFT) contract below

so that it will allow only the stakers of the token to mint one NFT each.